Maxi It Up – It’s Spring Time !

What you can do with your maxi dress this spring season.

A must-have in any girl’s wardrobe should be a “maxi dress” . I picked this one from Koovs. The fit was perfect, great quality cotton fabric made the dress breathy and comfortable to wear. Since, I had an evening planned with my friends and wanted to wear something which complimented spring season yet looked pretty basic. So, this is what I choose. 

The best part about a maxi dress is that you can change the entire theme adding just a little twist. Basic solid colors such as black, blue, white or red give a strong base which can further be converted to either a professional or casual look. For instance, clubbing a maxi dress with a jacket or coat turns it into professional attire, while if done instead with sneakers, earrings and a hat (just like mine) turns the same to a nice casual look. You can try the same with any pattern or style of maxi you choose. Any will stand out to be a perfect choice for this spring season. 

Do let me know how you dress in your maxi and what you think about my this look. 

Till my next post. Loads of love !!


The Grunge Story

The Grunge Story. Embroidered Skirt with Dark Grey Top accessorized with golden brown Neckpiece.

What’s with this Boho effect which has stoned every one around ? Is it mere fashion statement or trend which will fade away soon ?
For me it’s more than just a statement. It’s something which I guess everyone should have, specially women. The Boho effect defies Styling Bible (or anything as such ever existed). It replicates an abstract freedom & confidence of acceptance even if your attempt seem little eccentric. 

The Grunge Story. Denim Shorts with Dark Blue Vest accessorized with Red-Mettalic Grunjy Necklace, Silver Jhumkas (Indian Traditional Earings), Golden Shimmery Earing as mang-tikka. Red-Black Stripes​ Chunni (Stall) as bandana.

Styling in something conventional is always a safe zone where mostly everyone wants to be. While Boho contradicts it somewhow. Ironically, now a days, Boho itself has become quite conventional though, but with amptitude of a giving big room to multiple mixes of texture, pattern, apparel , culture, tones etc it stands out as a universe of various styling technique in itself.

The Grunge Story. Earthy Brown Shirt Dress with Red Bow. Blue Boyfriend T-Shirt with Blue Denim Shirt and Rosaries as neck piece.
So be free to try anything and everything. Be confident about conveying your thought across. Just like in this theme; The Grunge Story, I have tried to portray strength of an Indian Woman who stands against all odds. The grunge backdrop reflects the ugly and hedious perception world makes for women who go beyond so-called “boundries” and still stand tall keeping in sync with real unorthodox traditional values, which she feels are meaningful to her. 

Now this gonna  make me sing my famous Helen Reddy’s song.

“Oh yes, I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman”