Ethnic & Contemporary : India Circus


Indian Circus Product-1

Ethnic & vibrant design patterns that compliment modern age lifestyle, is what defines India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta . Its a big bracket of diversified product range including home décor, accessories, fashion, wall art, dining, wallpapers and various other.

Indian Circus Product1-1

Ethereal Presence Chai Glasses

I fell in love with these Chai Glasses a.k.a Kulhar because of it’s enchanting fusion of contemporary chic pattern & symbolic Indian tradition.

Kulhar are Indian traditional disposable & hand-less terracotta cup which are made by firing in a kiln and are inherently sterile & hygienic.

Indian Circus Product6-1

Indian Circus Product3-1

Palatial Illusions Tissue Box Holder

Lately, had been wondering if I could ever find an amazing tissue box holder which looked bit sleek, unusual and stylish. Never knew India Circus had it stored for me. All tissue boxes have an unusual appeal created by mix of dazzling colors and funky Indian textures. Place it on your office desk or inside car, it’s palatial illusion teases everyone’s eye.

Indian Circus Product4-1

Floral Flutter Zipper Wallet

Another eye-catching product genre of India Circus is fashion wallets. The one I chose not only it looks voguish due to its elegant and colorful floral pattern but also is quite useful due it’s “good enough” storage which can store all of your daily essentials.


The Indian Influx Shaped Cushion

What I love about India Circus is it’s twist of design, pattern and colors which makes every product stand out so vibrant and different. The “shaped cushions” are so cute and comfy that you would love to carry them everywhere.

So, this was pretty interesting collaboration. I loved the entire set of products as its vibrancy filled me with liveliness. Hope you all enjoyed this post. So till next time

Stay blessed & Stay happy.

Love you, Riya !!


Ethereal Presence Chai GlassesPalatial Illusions Tissue Box HolderFloral Flutter Zipper WalletThe Indian Influx Shaped Cushion : India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta



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