Maxi It Up – It’s Spring Time !

A must-have in any girl’s wardrobe should be a “maxi dress” . I picked this one from Koovs. The fit was perfect, great quality cotton fabric made the dress breathy and comfortable to wear. Since, I had an evening planned with my friends and wanted to wear something which complimented spring season yet looked pretty basic. So, this is what I choose. 

The best part about a maxi dress is that you can change the entire theme adding just a little twist. Basic solid colors such as black, blue, white or red give a strong base which can further be converted to either a professional or casual look. For instance, clubbing a maxi dress with a jacket or coat turns it into professional attire, while if done instead with sneakers, earrings and a hat (just like mine) turns the same to a nice casual look. You can try the same with any pattern or style of maxi you choose. Any will stand out to be a perfect choice for this spring season. 

Do let me know how you dress in your maxi and what you think about my this look. 

Till my next post. Loads of love !!


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