Women’s Day blah blah !

Thought of striking a pose in respect to Emma Watson Vanity Fair controversy. (Sorry, non boob-show for perverted anticipators!) Some fools don’t seem to understand, feminism is about accepting a woman the way she is born, with all her beautiful assets. It’s her choice to cover them or reveal them. If they were of such a shame or symbol of desperation. Trust me, God would never have created them at first place. Yet, if that’s the only parameter of your judgment for Emma Watson or any other woman, then to me you are just another stereotype male-chauvinist C**k sucker !!

Today, entire day, i have been greated with flowers, messages, videos, speeches and God knows what all in context to International Women’s Day. For a moment, being woman felt so extraordinary. But then, i realized why should i feel this way ? Why should anyone either man or a woman feel this way ? What’s this “day” cult all about afterall ? Valentine’s day, Friendship Day, Rose Day, Earth day, this day, that day ( i wonder, why we don’t have F** Off Day).
This reminds me of a dialogue from my favorite movie “Kung fu Panda” . To make something special, you have to just believe it’s special” . So, do we believe today there’s anything special stored for woman ? Is this belief then certified by gifts or any other form of materialistic thing ? 

We all are humans and i think getting recognized and respected as humans is utmost thing. What’s point of Women’s Day when you can’t treat your wife, girl friend, mother or sister properly. When you can’t tolerate a female live her life in same manner as you do. When you are too busy in labelling and judging her on self-made and male chauvinized paradigms. When you can’t teach your son to respect woman as a competition. When you can’t think beyond gender prejudice.

Let a woman live a normal life, just like any other human being and may be after that you can dedicate a day in honoring her more than expected.

Till then, keeping supporting multi national brands become big fat with “this day that day” marketing strategy.  


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